Swimming Pools

In-Ground vs. Above-Ground Pools

in ground and above ground swimming pools

There are few things better on a hot day than sliding into a backyard pool. A home pool is convenient and private. You never have to drive to a public space and share the water with other families that also want to cool off.  

If you’re considering adding a pool to your home, use this guide to decide whether an above- or in-ground pool is right for you.  

12 Best Landscaping Ideas for Around Your Pool

landscaping ideas

A pool is a fun and exciting addition to your home, but your plans can include more than just the shape of the pool, the texture of the flooring, and fixtures like the stairs and ladders. Even before the pool company breaks ground, think about the landscaping and surrounding elements that contribute to your beautiful lounge area. 

8 Things to Know Before Buying a House with a Pool

swimming pool maintenance and backyard fun

A personal in-ground pool is an enticing idea. Whenever you want to swim, you only have to step out the back door. Meanwhile, your kids will have an accessible activity away from their devices and screens. 

How To Make Your Backyard More Accessible

An older adult using a wheelchair to water the garden in their backyard.

Backyard accessibility involves creating an environment where everyone can move around safely and comfortably, whether using a wheelchair, a walker, or just their own two feet.

Family-Friendly Pool Games and Activities To Help You Stay Active

Four smiling family members in a pool float side-by-side on a pool noodle wearing sunglasses and posing for a picture.

Summer is a time for family, fitness, and fun. Some may spend the break from school indulging in lazy days in front of the television, but for many of us, the warmer weather invites us outdoors. It’s important to find a balance and encourage your entire family to get outside an be active. One of the best ways to accomplish this during the simmering summer days is to plunge into the cool water of a swimming pool.