We appreciate your interest in our products, whether you're looking to create the ultimate backyard getaway with a pool house, pavilion, or pergola or solve storage problems with a shed or garage. We understand that you may not have all the funds you need to build your dream structure and we have a few options and recommendations that can help you purchase your new pool house, pavilion or garage.

Paying for Your New Structure

Payments for your structure are broken down as follows:

  • 10% due at signing, which covers drawings, seals if necessary, permitting, etc. (We accept credit card payments for this payment.)
  • 50% due once design is finalized to order materials, schedule the production and delivery, etc. (Credit cards are not accepted for this payment. At this stage, 60% of project should be paid).
  • 30% due when unit or kit is ready to ship and be installed. (No credit card payments, 90% of project paid).
  • Remaining balance is due 1 day before completion of job. (No credit card payments).

Financing for Qualified Buyers

Financing information coming soon.