Custom-Built Structures

Making your dream building a reality.
18 x 18 Custom Pavilion with Bar & Outdoor Kitchen
18 x 18 Custom Pavilion with Bar & Outdoor Kitchen
18 x 18 Custom Pavilion with Bar & Outdoor Kitchen
4' x 21' Azek & Cedar Outdoor Shower with Pergola Top
4' x 21' Azek & Cedar Outdoor Shower with Pergola Top
Custom Brewery/Tasting Room
Custom Brewery/Tasting Room
14 x 24 Custom Pool House with Pavilion
Custom Outdoor Kitchen Countertop
16' x 24' Custom Garage (wood siding)
16' x 24' Custom Garage (wood siding)
16' x 24' Custom Garage (wood siding)
46' x 75' Custom Wedding Barn
46' x 75' Custom Wedding Barn
46' x 75' Custom Wedding Barn Interior
18x22 Custom Timberframe Avalon Pool House
18x22 Timberframe Avalon Pool House with cupola
10.5' x 24 Custom Tiny Home - Hobbit House for Sweet Dreams
10.5' x 24 Custom Tiny Home - Hobbit House for Sweet Dreams
14 x 16 Custom Avalon brochure stand for Fork Creek Cabins
12' x 20' Custom Bell Shaped Pavilion - Belvedere

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Looking for a way to make your home or property stand out from the rest?

As a design firm, we’ve provided storage solutions to clients just like you who are seeking to renovate their existing properties, construct an addition, or build brand new pool houses, pavilions, garages, and sheds from scratch. However, not all of our projects are designs developed by our architectural staff; we can also build custom structures designed solely around your needs.

We decided to add a garage four years after remodeling our home. We contacted Homestead Structures because they had built a detached garage at another house for us before and we knew the quality of their work. This time we wanted the garage to be attached to our house, though without direct access. We also didn't want it to look like the garage was an afterthought or an add-on.  We wanted it to look like it was part of the original house with all the Adirondack touches the house had.  We couldn't be more pleased with the result. Homestead Structures did a beautiful job on our garage and included all the custom features we wanted, including a 3' overhang that allows us to exit the garage and walk onto the porch without going out into the rain or snow. The garage fits seamlessly into our mountain home and we are so happy with the quality of workmanship, materials, and the ease of dealing with the wonderful folks at Homestead Structures. 


- Richard & Sue Kratzinger

Homestead Structures Pocono Mountains HD

Why choose a custom design from Homestead Structures over a standard design?

  1. You Will Stand Out

    You’re guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind structure, something completely unique that no one else has. You tell us what you want, what you need, what you like, and what you don’t like, and our experienced design professionals will customize the structure exactly to your specifications.

  2. You Have More Design Options

    Our team can offer you suggestions based on the overall design of your home or property, and we offer other options for you to consider, including solar panels, slate roofs, copper half-round dormers, and other fixtures to really make your structure stand out from the crowd.

  3. You Tell Us When and Where

    Once you and our design team have figured out what it is you want and production is scheduled to begin, you are given the choice between on-site and off-site construction. While there’s no difference in value or cost, you might prefer to have the structure built in our controlled environment off-site so we spend less time on your property.

Have an idea already in mind? Great! Give us a call at 877-272-7252 today or fill out the form on the top of the page for a free quote.


Need Financing?

Homestead offers payment plans and has partnered with Light Stream in order to offer you a variety of payment options for your new pool house or outdoor living structure.

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Need Inspiration?

Browse our photo gallery to find inspiration for your pool house design and see for yourself the hand-crafted appeal of our custom structures.

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Busting Custom Design Myths

Ever wonder why people choose custom-built structures over pre-made layouts? Aren’t custom designs more expensive? Don’t they take longer to make? Why should you choose Homestead Structures over “those other guys?” Here, we bust two common myths about custom designs.


Custom Designed Structure


Myth #1: Custom-built structures always cost more than pre-designed structures.

False. While custom-built structures can certainly run you up a pretty penny if you choose the most extravagant options available, they don’t need to drain your bank account. In fact, custom construction can actually be fairly affordable if you want something simple. Custom designs start at just $500, and the total price will depend solely on the options you choose and the layout of the structure.




Custom Designed Structure - Outdoor ShowerMyth #2: Custom-built structures take longer to construct.

From deposit to sign off, the average Homestead Structures customer waits only a total of four to six weeks!   

After you sit down with us and we design your custom structure, you can also request a full three-dimensional (3D) image which may add time, but while other companies usually do not perform this 3D imaging in-house, we do.  This results in minimal added time.  Whereas with other companies you’d need to wait four to six weeks just to see the final image, then another several weeks until the design is ready for your approval, our designs are ready to go in just under seven days and sealed (officially approved by an engineer / architect) in just one more week. 


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Our team is efficient, skilled, professional, and courteous. From designs and construction to electricity and plumbing, we are more than capable of handling any task set in front of us, and we make sure the experience is hassle-free. We love what we do, and it is our goal to ensure you are fully satisfied with our service. Whether you know exactly what you want or you have a few ideas you’re tossing around, get started today by giving us a call at 877-272-7252 or simply fill out form at the top of the page.