1 Car Garages

Sick of digging your car out from the snow? Or getting 2 car washes a week wash off pollen? Protect your vehicles in general from bad weather, like hail and strong winds? Installing a garag is the solution to getting even more mileage out of your cars. Garage-kept cars last longer and require less upkeep than those at the mercy of the elements.

Of course, a garage doesn't have to be used to house a vehickle. Nope, your 1-car garage might be better used as extra storage, a workshop, or a place to store recreational vehicles and lawn tools, including 4-wheelers, motorcycles, tractors and more.

Homestead Structures offers garages suited to your exact needs. Whether you need a simply 1 story, 1-car garage, or you're looking for a 2 story garage, Homestead will design the perfect garage for you. We've done both attached and detached garages and everything from 1 and 2-car garages to 3-car, 4-car and more-car garages! 

Add the features you love from special garage doors, classic dormers, gorgeous siding,a nd more. Fully finished interiors and electrical packages available. One car garages can be be prebuilt and delivered fully assembled. Larger projects can be stick framed on site by our team of builders. Versatile and custom built to your specifications, a Homestead garage can be as simple or as elaborate you need it to be