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8 Reasons Tiny House Living May Not By For You

Tiny House Living

Tiny houses are all the rave these days as they’re one of the few solutions to an overpriced housing market, but they’re far from perfect. If you’re considering downsizing to one of these little dwellings likely you know all about the benefits. They’re not only affordable, but they can be mobile and eco-friendly as well. Unless you’re totally hyped to live off the grid, definitely consider the negatives of tiny homes as well. Here are a few reasons why tiny house living might not be for you.

The Headley Hobbit House: An Unexpected Journey to Build a Fantastical Tiny Home

10' x 24' Hobbit House tiny home new lancaster pa

When Cathy Headley was a child, she visited a uniquely designed round home in Maine. She doesn’t remember much of the trip, but she does remember saying then and there, “One day, I’ll have a house like this one.”

Years later while visiting Wales, she fell in love with the Welsh/Celtic culture and unique architecture, especially their talent for blending man-made structures into the beauty of the natural countryside. The homes often referred to as “hobbit homes” were some of her favorite, and strengthened her determination to one day design and build her own.

The Tiny House Movement: Why Are People So Into Tiny Homes?

Tiny House in Virginia

Simplify and de-clutter your lifestyle. Save money. Leave less of a negative impact on the environment.

These are a few of the reasons (and benefits) people give for downsizing into a small or tiny home.

The tiny house isn’t a new concept, but it didn’t really gain traction and attention until after the 2007/08 financial crisis. As new home loans were handed out like Halloween candy, inciting people to buy above their means, the counter movement to “bigger is better” slowly made its’ voice heard.