8 Reasons Tiny House Living May Not By For You

Tiny House Living

Tiny houses are all the rave these days as they’re one of the few solutions to an overpriced housing market, but they’re far from perfect. If you’re considering downsizing to one of these little dwellings likely you know all about the benefits. They’re not only affordable, but they can be mobile and eco-friendly as well. Unless you’re totally hyped to live off the grid, definitely consider the negatives of tiny homes as well. Here are a few reasons why tiny house living might not be for you.

1. You Don't Want to Get Rid of Your Things

Taking on the tiny lifestyle means significantly cutting down on your possessions. Since we all live in a materialistic world, this task can be quite daunting at first. Everything you own will need to be reduced to just the basics from your books to your shoes. If you have an extensive collection of something or a lot of sentimental items, you might want to look into storing them elsewhere. Perhaps a friend will let you borrow some space in their attic, or you can look into renting a storage room. In the end, the minimization process can be incredibly liberating.

2. You’re Claustrophobic

As their name describes them, tiny houses are, in fact, tiny. Photos can be deceiving by making them appear cozy, but in reality, they’re usually no larger than 400 square feet. Sometimes they’re as small as 150 square feet, so if you’re claustrophobic, this might not be the ideal living situation for you.

3. You Don't Like Saving Money

One of the most appealing features of tiny living is the fact that it’s actually affordable. Even if you don’t end up building the house yourself, its price tag is far more manageable than most homes on the market these days. Not only that, but its size alone will make your heating and electricity bills much lower as well. If you don’t like to save money though, then these perks probably don’t interest you at all.

4. You Like to Host Parties

We all like to have friends over on occasion, but if you’re the kind of person who hosts weekly gatherings or enjoys throwing big parties, you might have to give that up if you choose to live in a tiny house. Depending on the size of the structure, your home will probably fit two people comfortably. Maybe four. Building an outdoor area around a firepit or a deck will give you more space, but you have to assume the weather will cooperate. Also, if you end up living in a tiny community or on a small lot, you might not have the outdoor space for your guests either.

5. You Don’t Care About the Planet

If you think climate change is a hoax and couldn’t care less about your carbon footprint, then you likely won’t fit in well with the tiny community. Unless you build your new house on a foundation close to the grid, you’ll need to use other means to supply yourself with electricity and plumbing. Most tiny homes use solar panels and backup generators for their power, and water tanks and composting toilets for their plumbing needs. Of course, there are other options you can consider, but many people choose to go tiny because it provides them with eco-friendly housing.

6. You’re Afraid You’ll Forget Where You Parked It

Having a tiny house on wheels can be exciting. You have the freedom to travel anywhere you want, and you never have to worry about packing a bag. However, if you’ve ever forgotten where you’ve parked your car at the supermarket or the mall, then you might be worried about that happening to your home. Fortunately, you aren’t the only one. There are a number of tiny house security options available, one which is a GPS tracking device. It works if your home is stolen as well as if you forget where it’s parked. It’s a win-win!

7. You Have a Big Family

Tiny homes are great dwelling spaces for couples or a single person, but when larger families get involved, it becomes more challenging. When children are young, it can be manageable, but it should probably be considered a temporary solution. Even if you have a few pets, the tiny lifestyle might not be right for them. It’s definitely something to think about.

8.  You’re Not Looking Forward to Handling Waste

One of the most common hesitations people have when considering living in a tiny house is handling the waste. Whether you use a compost toilet or an RV hookup, you’ll still have to empty the tank holding your urine and feces at some point or another. It’s something that just can’t be avoided, and one of the biggest adjustments people have to make when going tiny.

So Is Tiny House Living For You?

Now that you know the downsides to living in a tiny house, you can make a more informed decision. Even if you decide that it’s not right for you full-time, there are other options to consider. A tiny house on wheels would make a great road trip vehicle on weekends and holidays. When it’s not being used for traveling, it can make a cozy little guest house or in-law suite. You can even earn some extra cash by renting it out sometimes to other tiny house enthusiasts. Just because you don’t want to live in a tiny home doesn’t mean you can’t still find some use for one!


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