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Wayne, PA pool houses and garage projects

Some of the Homestead Structures team’s favorite backyard projects we’ve done have been in Wayne, PA, the suburbs of Philadelphia. From pool houses to a high-end garage, it is always a pleasure to build on the Main Line. 

Take a look at our top three Wayne, PA, projects below. 

12 Best Landscaping Ideas for Around Your Pool

landscaping ideas

A pool is a fun and exciting addition to your home, but your plans can include more than just the shape of the pool, the texture of the flooring, and fixtures like the stairs and ladders. Even before the pool company breaks ground, think about the landscaping and surrounding elements that contribute to your beautiful lounge area. 

8 Things to Know Before Buying a House with a Pool

swimming pool maintenance and backyard fun

A personal in-ground pool is an enticing idea. Whenever you want to swim, you only have to step out the back door. Meanwhile, your kids will have an accessible activity away from their devices and screens. 

Outdoor Bar Ideas: What to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Bar Area

Outdoor Bar Ideas Collage

With so many outdoor bar ideas out there, it can be tough to narrow down your ideal backyard entertainment area. Google is a great place to start, and Pinterest is packed with unique bar options, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed when you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

How To Turn Your Pool House Into a Guest House

A collage of photos featuring a pool house with finished bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen

A pool house is a multi-tasking addition to your house. Not only can you store toys and maintenance equipment in a pool house, but you can also use it to change and shower instead of dripping chlorinated water throughout your house. A pool house is an ideal option if you enjoy throwing backyard parties because guests won’t need to enter the main home. 

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5 Ways to Cool Your Pool House

Pool House with Origin Bi-Fold Doors & 3 Sets of French Doors

Adding a pool house to your poolside makes for a great relaxation and entertainment space for your backyard. It allows you to use your backyard is a ton of new ways, even if the day isn't quite perfect for actual swimming. With an enclosed or sheltered pool house, you still have a great hangout spot to relax, have a few drinks, enjoy some shade, etc. 

New Styles of Our Siesta Poolside Bar are Now Available

Blog Image of new Siesta Styles

One of the best parts of our job here is brainstorming new pool house designs to keep our styles fresh. The Siesta Poolside Bar (everyone’s favorite little pool cabana) is a great example of this.

When we first released the Siesta about 10 years ago, it came standard with a hip roof design (and a myriad of siding, bar counter, and interior options.) A little over 5 years ago, we introduced the Siesta with an a-frame roofline.

And now, we have 2 more styles we’d love to introduce you to, which are almost a year in the making.

Want an Insider Look at our Surprisingly Modern Pool House Design?

Modern Pool House Design Tour

Sharp, clean architectural lines. Flat roofs with broad overhangs. Huge windows, tall ceilings and open floor plans. Lots of glass and metal accents with neutral colors.

These are just a few if the characteristics that define modern architecture. And just a few of the characteristics we’ve added to our new modern pool house design.

Types of Backyard Structures and What To Know About Each

The Top 5 Backyard Structures You Need to Know

One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is in the comfort of your own backyard, where you can choose whether to suntan in privacy or have friends over for a cookout. You can enjoy hot summer days and crisp winter nights just as well by setting up your property for outdoor entertainment in any season. To create an outdoor space that is attractive, comfortable, and versatile, adding a backyard structure could be the perfect solution.

Transform Your Backyard into a Staycation Paradise

22x20 Avalon Pool House

Vacations are great and we all need them but turning your own home into a staycation can be just as rewarding. Furthermore, it's more affordable and less stressful. The summer is almost here and with all the new regulations regarding COVID 19, it is important to adapt and make the best out of it while staying home.

Creating a staycation atmosphere in your own home to unwind and reset might be a great option this summer! With these staycation ideas, you can make your weekend getaway ideas work and give your home that relaxing resort feel!