Backyard Tips

Backyard Pavilions: You Have To See These 5 Amazing Ideas!

18x18 Custom Pavilion with luxury outdoor kitchen

When it comes to enhancing your home, nothing beats a backyard pavilion. These outdoor structures are a magnificent addition to any home because they provide a beautiful place to entertain, relax, and have fun. Not only do these structures offer an ideal space to enjoy a starry night, but these chic outdoor areas also add value to your home. If you ever decide to sell your place in the future, you'll likely get back your investment and then some.

Choosing the Right Type of Property Fence

Planning is pivotal to any new building project and it’s no different when opting for the addition of a Homestead Structures shed, pool house, or garage to your property. In some cases, we need to plan our work around a fencing structure – for example, how do we get a prefab building into a fenced yard? Often, we’ll have to take down a part of the fence, if there isn’t a gate big enough.

16 Backyard BBQ Gadgets & Hacks You NEED For Your 4th of July Celebration

BBQ gadgets & backyard hacks & ideas

Independence Day is quickly approaching, and with it the backyard bbqs, pool parties, and fireworks displays. If you love entertaining on the 4th of July (or any day of the summer!) there are a few must-have backyard hacks, BBQ accessories and gadgets, and design ideas you’ll want to implement or acquire ASAP!

Here are some of the most fun and unique gadgets, hacks, and ideas we’ve seen for backyard entertaining this summer. (Sorry this is coming too late to ask for some of these things for Father’s Day! But still time to order before the 4th of July!)

Keeping Your Yard Pest-Free with Insect Repellent Plants

lavender garden to repel pests

While landscaping to beautify your yard, most of us choose plants based on the beauty or hardiness. This way we have a beautiful and/or easy-to-care-for garden that enhances our property and fits the styles of structures, from the house to the storage shed, found on the premises.

But why not landscape with an eye for functionality as well? And we don’t just mean choosing privacy bushes, or plants that will provide shade. We’re talking about fighting the good fight that starts as soon as the weather warms up and doesn’t end till winter's cold snap takes over.