Pergolas 101: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Pergola

11x17 Vinyl Pergola

The pergola has seen a big surge in popularity the past few years as outdoor living continues to be a huge trend in home improvement. Of course, the pergola has been around for a LONG time (with origins possibly dating back to Ancient Egypt!), but it’s also one that’s most often confused with other, similar structures.

People often mix up pergolas with arbors, trellises, and pavilions and aren’t always sure just what a pergola is for, or what it even looks like.

Why Are There Cracks in the Timber of My New Timber Frame Structure?

You may think it’s a flaw in the timber used, but rest assured, it’s not! Cracking and checking is a normal part of timber frame buildings, fences, and furniture and is very rarely a result of any structural issues. Cracking and checking of timber is actually a very natural part of the life cycle of wood – even once it’s been cut, shaped, and prepared for building. It isn’t an indication of defects in your wood, though sometimes customers assume so.

What To Expect When Buying a Building from Homestead Structures

You’ve come this far…you know what type of structure you want, you have an idea in mind for the design, now you’re looking to get a quote. So what’s the process look like to go from the research phase to actually purchasing your new pool house, shed, or other storage structure?

Landscaping Your Storage Shed

Whether you’ve already purchased a new storage shed or you’re considering building one in the near future, it’s important to think about the design and style of not only the structure itself but also the surrounding land. Although some people feel that a shed is, well, just a shed, we feel that just because a storage building is a practical item, doesn’t mean it necessarily has to look plain.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Storage Structure

shed in Lancaster PA

When it comes to picking the right storage building, it’s often in your best interest to consider all of your options before selecting one that’s right for you and your home. While you might be overwhelmed with choices and you might think it’s best to pick the one that looks the nicest, there’s much more to think about before you sign the building contract. This week, we thought we’d highlight some questions for you to ask yourself that will help you to choose an ideal storage structure.