Rhino Flooring: The Toughest Garage & Shed Floors Around

Garages can get messy.  From dirty tires and oil leaks to messy hobbies, your garage floor will see a lot of wear and tear. The same goes with a your shed.

That's why Homestead is introducing a new super-tough floor panel for your garage or shed floor - Rhino Flooring. These heavy-duty floors are SuperStratum Panels with Rhino Lining coatings - a proprietary blend designed to adhere to high-performance OSBs. These flooring panels are more durable and structurally stiff than competing shed and garage floor products. 

Pool Houses, Garages & Sheds Built to Last

One of the things we tend to be up front about when speaking with potential customers is that we are NOT the cheapest builder on the block. If you’re on a tight budget and looking to spend as little as possible on a new shed or backyard building, we typically recommend seeing what Lowe’s or Home Depot has available. Even if we wanted to, it can be tough to match prices with such big businesses.

Buying a New Car? Remember Your Garage

custom garage Lancaster PA

Purchasing a new vehicle for your family can be an exciting event. After all, there’s nothing quite like that new-car smell, right? While it’s great to think about all of the wonderful adventures and trips you and your family will have on the road, it’s important to stop and consider whether your garage is ready for a new vehicle. Whether you currently own a garage or you simply park your car in the driveway, a custom-built garage can help to maintain the condition of your car and protect this significant investment.

5 Garage Hacks You Need Right Now

custom garage in Lancaster PA

Whether you’re the proud owner of a custom garage in Lancaster PA or you’re thinking about expanding your storage space in the near future, let’s be honest: garages can be absolute disaster zones. Sure, you might have some organization -- a few shovels hanging on the wall, maybe a couple of bins here and there -- but for most of us, garages are absolute free-for-alls, full of random, miscellaneous objects strewn about with no sense of organization whatsoever.