Pool Houses, Garages & Sheds Built to Last

One of the things we tend to be up front about when speaking with potential customers is that we are NOT the cheapest builder on the block. If you’re on a tight budget and looking to spend as little as possible on a new shed or backyard building, we typically recommend seeing what Lowe’s or Home Depot has available. Even if we wanted to, it can be tough to match prices with such big businesses.

As a small Amish-owned business, our craft is our livelihood, and we absolutely love what we do. There is something very satisfying about building a structure from scratch and knowing  that it will be enjoyed for many years to come by family and friends. 

So rather than focus on being the builder with the cheapest buildings around, we stake our claim as a builder with some of the highest quality pool houses and sheds available on the market. When you purchase a Homestead structure, you’re getting a structure built to last. A structure that took hours and hours of painstaking craftsmanship and attention to detail by builders passionate about their work. One that was built with the same quality materials and building processes that we use to build our own homes and barns.

So when you’re looking to turn your backyard into a mini-retreat for friends and family with a new pool house, or have precious vehicles, equipment or tools you want to keep secure in a new shed or garage, would you rather go cheap or would you prefer a quality structure built to last for generations?

Using Construction Grade Materials and Building Processes

There are many ways in which we ensure your structure is both beautiful AND durable and below we’ve outlined a few.

From the Operations Side

  • Our shop has strict quality assurance checklists, with each building being double and tripled checked by workers and the foreman.
  • Our workers become experts in one area of the building process before being cross-trained in other areas.
  • Many of our workers apprenticed in our shop or similar shops as teenagers before joining our team full time.

From the Structure Side:

  • Our garden sheds and pool houses have upgraded AZEK windows, which come with a lifetime limited warranty. AZEK is a wood composite impervious to moisture and insects, requires minimal maintenance, and doesn’t rust, rot, or wear out.
  • We use flashing tape around the doors and windows of our pool houses and garages to prevent unwanted airflow and water seepage (to prevent water damage). It also increases the energy efficiency of the building and prevents rotting of the framing and sheathing.
  • We only use 30-year architectural shingles unless otherwise requested by a customer. They increase durability and energy efficiency of the building, especially with the insulation of tar paper added.
  • We use plywood ceiling and gussets, rather than OSB, which allows your building to bear more weight.
  • Our 2x4s are spaced 16” apart rather than 24” like many shed builders do in order to increase strength of the walls and floor. We also use pressure treated floor joists.
  • Our doors are built with 2x4s rather than 2x3s like some sheds
  • We will upgrade your shed or building with radiant barrier sheathes for free (we usually use LP SmartSIde panels with SilverTech or GP Thermostat), which can keep your building 20-30 degrees cooler by reflecting up to 97% of the Sun’s radiant heat. It’s highly reflective surface also helps brighten the interior and it’s treated against rot and termites..
  • We offer a variety of door and window types to ensure you can choose from the highest quality. In fact, Origin doors is the newest brand we offer, which are aluminum bi-fold doors that are thermally efficient, surpass the latest security standards, and have an industry leading 10 year warranty.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

We can talk about the quality of our buildings till we’re blue in the face, but what really matters is how our customers feel about them!

“… Their craftsmanship is top notch. They will work with you every step of the way. I looked at other places but found these sheds to have a much better quality materials, fit and finish. It's beautiful….”

-Bob & Brenda S.

“The attention to detail was evident in all the little things you would expect in quality construction but fail to see so often in the mass produced structures you find in a "big box" store. This included not only the construction but also the hardware provided such as quality locking door handles and steel reinforced doors on the shed. We especially liked the quality of the insulated windows on our Pool House.”

-Stephen & Susan Y.

“Steve and his crew, from start to finish, are the epitome of old fashioned service coupled with attention to detail both with customer discussions and in quality of work.”

-Ryan F.

“We chose Homestead because they had the best looking buildings and offered quality craftsmanship. Merv worked many details on our siding and roofing requirements, and the final product was perfect."

-Eve S.

“Other contractors who saw the pool house said the craftsmanship was of high quality. I would highly recommend Homestead Structures without reservation!”

-Lou M.

“…It is a quality building the looks of which have surpassed my expectations. It adds another wonderful dimension to my pool area.”

-Peter B.

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