5 Garage Hacks You Need Right Now

custom garage in Lancaster PA

Whether you’re the proud owner of a custom garage in Lancaster PA or you’re thinking about expanding your storage space in the near future, let’s be honest: garages can be absolute disaster zones. Sure, you might have some organization -- a few shovels hanging on the wall, maybe a couple of bins here and there -- but for most of us, garages are absolute free-for-alls, full of random, miscellaneous objects strewn about with no sense of organization whatsoever. A garage like this can be a huge time-waster, especially if you have a project you’d like to do but can’t find the tools you need to do it.

So, it’s time to pull yourself together and allow us to help you organize your garage the right way, saving space (and hopefully having some fun) while you’re at it. Here are five hacks that can help you get your organization and your garage back on track:

1. Nail Storage Using Jars

We know how frustrating it can be to try and find a certain type of nail in a toolbox or tool drawer. If you are looking for organization for your washers, screws, nails, and other small pieces of hardware, organize them on a pegboard and separate them into clear jars (baby food jars work great!). With just a quick glance, you can see what you have and you can access the jar in a matter of seconds. If you have leftover space on the pegboard, consider using it for additional storage for tape, screwdrivers, and hammers.

custom garage in Lancaster PA2. Car Door Protection

Have a habit of swinging your car door open too fast, only to watch in horror as it bangs into the garage wall? This is the hack for you, and it will only require something that is inexpensive that most families already have -- a foam pool noodle. Stretch the noodle horizontally across the wall closest to your car door and secure it with nails. Not only will the pool noodle protect the paint job on your car door, but it can also help to add some color to an otherwise dreary garage.

3. Garbage Bag Storage with a Twist

Whether you have a custom garage or a smaller, less spacious area that is only big enough to hold your car, this hack will help to free up some of the square footage you so desperately need. If you have an old paper towel rack you aren’t using, attach it to a wall in the garage, but substitute a roll of garbage bags for the paper towels. Whenever you need a bag, simply tear off the next one, and the roll will remain in tact until the next time it’s needed.

4. Storage System with Bungee Cords

If you’re tired of seeing your kid’s footballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, and basketballs take over your garage, consider implementing the bungee cord system in your custom garage. You will need four cords, each measuring 32 to 40 inches in length. Attach one end of the cord to a low ledge or wooden shelf in the garage, and clip the other end to a high shelf, pulling the cord to make sure it’s taut. Repeat the process with the remaining cords, ensuring that you leave four to five inches of space between them. Once you’re finished, you’ll have your own little storage space where you won’t have to worry about the balls slipping out.

custom garage in Lancaster PA5. Wrench Storage

Want a creative way to organize your wrenches? Try installing a belt rack on a wall inside your garage. If you don’t have a closet belt rack that you’re not using, they can be found at many discount stores for fairly cheap. Once it’s up, you can hang a wrench on each prong of the rack so you can see all of the tools at a glance. Being able to quickly choose a wrench can help you remain focused on the project or task at hand.

Regardless of whether you have a two-car garage or a one-car garage, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel once your mess of a space is finally cleaned and organized. Who knows? By the time you’re done, you might even look forward to going out there!

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