How To Make Your Backyard More Accessible

An older adult using a wheelchair to water the garden in their backyard.

Backyard accessibility involves creating an environment where everyone can move around safely and comfortably, whether using a wheelchair, a walker, or just their own two feet.

4 Valuable & Inspiring Garden Shed Designs for Your Backyard

Garden Shed Designs

With the summer in full swing and more states extending lockdowns amidst COVID-19 surges, more people are turning to their garden as a source of comfort and joy. There's something remarkably relaxing about reconnecting with nature, nurturing plants, and maintaining a beautiful lawn.

With the renewed focus on gardening, many people are looking at buying or upgrading their garden shed. After all, if you're going to be gardening more from now on, it's probably worth getting some extra space.

Types of Backyard Structures and What To Know About Each

The Top 5 Backyard Structures You Need to Know

One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is in the comfort of your own backyard, where you can choose whether to suntan in privacy or have friends over for a cookout. You can enjoy hot summer days and crisp winter nights just as well by setting up your property for outdoor entertainment in any season. To create an outdoor space that is attractive, comfortable, and versatile, adding a backyard structure could be the perfect solution.

Rhino Flooring: The Toughest Garage & Shed Floors Around

Garages can get messy.  From dirty tires and oil leaks to messy hobbies, your garage floor will see a lot of wear and tear. The same goes with a your shed.

That's why Homestead is introducing a new super-tough floor panel for your garage or shed floor - Rhino Flooring. These heavy-duty floors are SuperStratum Panels with Rhino Lining coatings - a proprietary blend designed to adhere to high-performance OSBs. These flooring panels are more durable and structurally stiff than competing shed and garage floor products. 

The Backyard Office Shed – The Perfect Work From Home Solution

Backyard Office Shed How To

The option of working from home has moved from a luxury to a practical necessity for many in 2020. For years, the ability to work from home has been a benefit sought after by employees and offered by only a small number of employers.

Now that employers around the world are discovering that remote employees can be just as productive (and more cost-effective!) than their office-bound coworkers, working from home is an option for many for the first time ever.

We've Got the Perfect Gift for Mom This Mother's Day!

She-Shed collage for MOther's Day

Are you looking to "wow" mom this Mother's Day? Give her the gift of her own personal getaway spot in the form of a custom she-shed or garden shed!

Moms work hard - and they deserve a special place where they can relax and do things they love. Whether the women in your life is a gardener, an artist, a crafter, or an entertainer, our garden sheds can be customized into the perfect backyard retreat for mom to relax, refresh, and reenergize! Plus, our elegant garden sheds make a beautiful addition to any property.

Pool Houses, Garages & Sheds Built to Last

One of the things we tend to be up front about when speaking with potential customers is that we are NOT the cheapest builder on the block. If you’re on a tight budget and looking to spend as little as possible on a new shed or backyard building, we typically recommend seeing what Lowe’s or Home Depot has available. Even if we wanted to, it can be tough to match prices with such big businesses.

Why Choose a Storage Shed from Homestead Structures?

There are several reasons why you may choose a particular company for a home improvement project. Sometimes it’s because they’re the cheapest. Sometimes it’s because you’re impressed with the service, or a trusted friend referred you there. Maybe it’s because they provide the quality you’re looking for. Often times, it’s really just a combination of several things that help you choose a company to solve whatever problem you’re trying to solve.