The Backyard Office Shed – The Perfect Work From Home Solution

Backyard Office Shed How To

The option of working from home has moved from a luxury to a practical necessity for many in 2020. For years, the ability to work from home has been a benefit sought after by employees and offered by only a small number of employers.

Now that employers around the world are discovering that remote employees can be just as productive (and more cost-effective!) than their office-bound coworkers, working from home is an option for many for the first time ever.

The issue for many remote workers is figuring out the best place within their home to set up shop. For those that have a separate office, den, or basement, the answer is pretty simple. But for those with a full house, including kids, finding a quiet space to work uninterrupted is a challenge.

That’s where the new trend in backyard office sheds comes in.  A backyard shed can be the perfect solution to your home office needs. An office shed has many benefits, including:

  • Cutting your commute to a few seconds
  • Eliminating the cost of your work commute
  • Giving you a space away from the distractions of home
  • Providing an interruption-free space for phone calls and conferences
  • Working in your pajamas!

Unlike a dedicated room within your house, a backyard office shed gives you a dedicated space for your work – away from the distractions of home. Working in a detached space across the yard gives you the benefit of working from home with the separation necessary to keep your mind focused on work.

On the flip side, you’re still close enough to enjoy lunch with your family and grab things from your home as necessary.

Converting Your Storage Shed to a Backyard Office

If you already have a shed in your backyard and can make room in it, converting it to an office is a relatively simple matter – as long as you’re not looking for anything fancy.

In 5 basic steps, here is the bare minimum you need to transform your shed in to a backyard office:

  1. Clear out your shed to make enough space for your desk, a chair and some shelving or bookcases.
  2. Install electricity – either hire an electrician or you can do it yourself if you’re handy – here’s an article that can walk you through it.
  3. Install insulation or have a heating and cooling unit on hand to warm things up in the winter and keep things cool in the summer. Space heaters and a fan may be all you need.
  4. Talk to your internet provider to ensure you have internet access in your new office. You may need to get a wi-fi booster, run an ethernet cable out, or have the provider come out to help.
  5. Furnish and decorate your new office! Get all your necessities into your new office space and add a little décor to make it more comfortable.

These 5 steps are the basics to turning your shed into an office. If you want to take it further, you can also finish the inside walls and install a new type of flooring.

Buying a Prefab Office Shed

If you don’t have a shed, or can’t clear out enough room for office space, buying a prefabricated office shed may be your best bet. It will save you the time and hassle of having to do it yourself and in the end you’ll have a beautiful, well-built structure that adds value to your home.

Plus, you get the added benefit of designing from scratch – that means your new office will look exactly how you want it to on the outside and include all the amenities you need on the inside, from custom flooring and walls to electrical and plumbing if you want it.

Perhaps you like the traditional carriage house look for your new office, or maybe a light and airy garden shed with tons of windows is your preference. You can make your backyard office shed your own when you buy through Homestead Structures.

Our sales team will walk you through the design process to ensure you get the perfect shed for your needs. We can even do 3D renderings so you can see what your new office will look like before construction even starts.

Most sizes and styles of office shed can be manufactured right here in our shop and delivered fully built to the spot you choose. Depending on your location, we may even be able to do the foundation work for you!

If not, we usually recommend a gravel bed foundation for sheds – but for the strongest and most long-lasting shed foundation, you may want to have a concrete foundation installed.

Backyard Office Shed Ideas & Inspiration

Here are some of the most inspiring office sheds we’ve seen around the web. If you’re interested in getting a quote, you can contact us here or call 877-272-7252 for more info on building a home office shed.






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