5 Reasons Why You Want a Pool House with a Bathroom

Pool House with Bathroom

Even being September, it seems the heat of the summer is upon us and it has been a hot one! This is one summer you’re probably REALLY glad to have a pool to enjoy. The sun and the water make for a great experience that people of all ages can enjoy.

Many people with pools also find it beneficial to have a pool house. In that space, families can store floaties and other supplies needed for the pool, enjoy a shady lounge and bar area, or even install a full outdoor kitchen. But one of the most popular and useful amenities to have is a pool house with a bathroom.

Adding a finished bathroom to your pool house is a fantastic touch and, assuming you use it frequently, a worthwhile expenditure. Here are five reasons why you'll want to add a bathroom to your pool house.

A Pool House with a Bathroom Keeps Your House Dry

No matter how careful you are, if you don't have space outside to change in, you'll almost invariably wind up dripping throughout your house. Kids do this quite frequently. They get out of the pool, dry themselves quickly, and then go running inside. Of course, this can mean wet floors, wet furniture, and so forth.

A pool house with a bathroom can also serve as a changing room outdoors. Instead of running soaking wet into the house to change, people can use the outside room instead. It makes it much easier to keep your home dry!

More Privacy

If you have guests over, they're going to want to have a very private place to change before entering your pool. They can change clothes in your indoor bathroom, but depending on how many people are visiting, it may be a long wait. They could also use your bedroom or a spare room, but that might be a little weird for them.

A pool house with a bathroom solves these issues. It gives you an extra bathroom to use for guests, one big enough for them to comfortably change in. You'll get a bit more privacy because you won't have as many people traipsing through your home. Your guests will have more privacy because they'll be able to use a changing room with a lock without feat of someone accidentally busting in on them.

A Pool House with a Bathroom Is More Convenient

Running from your pool inside the house to use the bathroom is not ideal. You're going to have water dripping all over your home since you won't be taking the time to dry off if you urgently need to use the restroom. Secondly, depending on how far the pool is away from your home, the walk itself is sometimes not fun - especially if it's sweltering hot outside.

Including a bathroom in your pool house makes using it more convenient. Instead of going inside the house and getting things wet, you can go to your pool house instead (which will be okay with the moisture). It's a shorter distance and is significantly more convenient!

A Full Bath Means You Can Shower Before and After You Enter

If you're planning on having lots of guests over to use your pool, you likely already know the benefits of them showering before they enter the pool and afterward. Ideally, the dirt and debris that they have on their person shouldn't enter into the water. Yes, chlorine kills most things, but it doesn't kill all unwanted stuff immediately. For example, chlorine can take up to 10 days to destroy the Cryptosporidium parasite.

Having a full bath in your pool house will make it easier for people to hop in the shower before and after swimming. Instead of having to use your bathroom inside, they can use the one specially designed for these types of quick, accessible showers. If you have a lot of people over to use the pool, having them be all clean is essential to ensure nobody accidentally gets sick.

Potentially Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

Adding a bathroom to your pool house will likely boost your home's resale value. There are no concrete data points on this, but buyers almost always appreciate it when sellers add little upgrades that give a home a more upscale feeling. Does your home have a pool house? That's already something awesome. A buyer walking through your home and seeing a pool house with a bathroom? That's even more epic!

Those little niceties can add up in significant ways when it comes time to sell your home!

A Pool House with a Bathroom Is Fantastic

Installing a pool house with a bathroom (full or half) is a fantastic idea. It makes life easier and more convenient. Furthermore, it makes your pool experience much more enjoyable at home. Whether you already have a pool house or ordering a new pool house entirely, consider adding a bathroom. You'll be glad that you did!

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