Choosing the Right Type of Property Fence

Planning is pivotal to any new building project and it’s no different when opting for the addition of a Homestead Structures shed, pool house, or garage to your property. In some cases, we need to plan our work around a fencing structure – for example, how do we get a prefab building into a fenced yard? Often, we’ll have to take down a part of the fence, if there isn’t a gate big enough.

On the other end of the spectrum, one of our buildings may be the first thing you’re adding to your backyard redesign – besides the foundation on course. But many homeowners opt to add landscaping, a new fence, or even a new pool in addition to a shed or outdoor living structure. We often get asked for suggestions on a fence installer, because lots of homeowners look to add new fencing as part of their backyard makeover.

If you value safety, privacy, and your home's appearance, adding a fence around all or part of your property provides you with several unbeatable benefits.

Before moving forward, decide what your goals are to give yourself a sense of direction. While perhaps a bit over-quoted, the well known adage “failing to plan is planning to fail” is a very true one. Planning and research may take a bit longer, but you’ll soon know what type of fencing will be the perfect addition to your property.

The first step is determining WHAT you’re using your fence for and then checking out different types and styles of fencing to determine which suits your needs.

A Few of the Most Popular Fence Types

Chain Link Fencing

When it comes to budget-friendly options, you can't beat the chain link fence. In addition to being cheap, they are also easy for you to install, and you can have them up in no time. A chain link fence is made from steel wires connected in diamond patterns that offer durability.

 Although they won't give you much privacy (unless you add on privacy slats) this type of fencing will stop people from coming onto your property without permission. It’s also a good way to stop pets from getting out of the yard. A lot of people choose this path because they can save money so it’s a great option if you have a small budget for your fencing project.

Pool Fencing

 Few things are better than relaxing by the pool on a warm and sunny day, giving you an excellent way to recharge and unwind. No matter the size of your pool, you must do something to prevent people from getting into it when you don't want them to do so, especially children. Curious children don't know the danger and will try getting into the water even if you tell them not to do it.

Installing a secure fence around your pool helps you avoid that threat and keep your children safe. Some people install a pool fence because they want to enhance their privacy. If you agree with their mission, you can find many fences that stop people from seeing you while you cool off and work on your tan. Working with a team of experts is a great way to find a fence that meets your needs each step of the way.

Garden Fencing

You put a lot of thought into your garden, planning where you will plant it and how often you should water your plants. If you live in an area with wildlife, then deer, rabbits and other animals will discover your garden and eat your produce unless you take steps to avoid the problem.

Young rabbits are small enough to fit through the mesh of standard chain-link fences, so you need to look for ones with an opening that is less than 1 inch wide. Since some deer can jump up to 8 feet in the air, make sure your fence is at least 10 feet tall if you would like to keep deer away from your garden. Overlooking the threat is easy if you have never seen animals destroy a garden, but taking steps to protect your plants is always worth the effort.

Which Type of Fencing is Right For Your Property?

Choosing the perfect fence for your yard won't be difficult as long as you keep your needs and goals in mind from start to finish. If you have a pool, many towns will require a fence installed to protect children and people who may be around the pool. It’s also to protect you as a homeowner from unnecessary and tragic accidents, as well as lawsuits.

Look for plastic or wooden fences if you want something that will stop people from watching you swim.Those searching for a way to protect their gardens can do so but must buy the right fence for the job, which depends on the type of animals they are trying to avoid.

And while chain link fences are a budget-friendly option and can be customized to fit either goal, they don’t always have the curb appeal you’re looking for in a backyard.

So choose wisely if you’re considering a new fence to go with your new Homestead Structure. We’re happy to help with recommendations – we just want to make sure you have a backyard space you can fall in love with!

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