Move Over, Man-Cave: The She-Shed is Here

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Men have man-caves, and now, women are getting their own special place: she-sheds. The idea, which has been blowing up Pinterest boards as the weather starts to warm up, is that women transform ordinary backyard garden sheds into a hideaway where they can escape the noisy household and grind of everyday life. Just as with man-caves, women can design and decorate their own custom sheds in any way that suits their fancy. Let’s take a closer look:

The Sky’s the Limit

shed lancaster paWhether you want privacy or you’d like to enjoy Mother Nature, a custom shed designed to meet your needs will always be your best bet. For instance, a she-shed made of glass windows would be an ideal retreat if you’re yearning to lay on a plush daybed and gaze out at the flowers, birds, and trees all around you. Some of the most popular she-sheds feature plenty of windows that create an airy atmosphere throughout the structure. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more traditional structure, a she-shed that resembles a small cottage with a front porch, railing, and gable roof may be more your taste.

Buying vs. Building

If you decide that a she-shed is in your future, your options are either to buy or to build. Of course, building a shed yourself would require an investment of both your time and your money. You’d need specific tools for the job, and you’d need to make sure you have the correct lumber to build a structure that would withstand the test of time. While this is a fantastic option for do-it-yourselfers, purchasing a shed from a custom builder in Lancaster PA is much easier, and you’d still have the option of investing in a pre-designed shed or customizing one tailored to fit your style and needs.

Decor Ideas

While some she-sheds have simple decor with many colorful throw pillows, beanbag chairs, and spots just for lounging, others are designed to look like elegantly-decorated rooms. Whether you enjoy a specific color or you want to design the shed with posters, curtains, and blankets of cats, the choice is ultimately yours. Just like in man-caves, women may want to include favorite items in their sheds such as: shed lancaster pa

  • Large potted plants

  • A cold water dispenser

  • Photos, prints, and artwork for the walls

  • A mini-refrigerator for snacks and drinks

  • A goldfish in a small tank 

She-sheds are increasing in popularity as more and more women look to the outdoors for their own private hideaways. These personal getaways are the ideal place for women to pot up plants, practice a hobby, relax, or read, among other solo activities. Whether you’re designing a brand new custom shed or you’re buying a pre-fabricated structure, bring function and personality to your new favorite space to ensure it will serve your changing needs and hobbies for years to come.

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